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    Dreiundzwanzig is a short movie I created in collaboration with Sebastian Arlamovsky and Alexander Gugitscher. It explores how sound and narration can manipulate an image. Furthermore we experimented with a new approach to television broadcasting. Find out more about it at:


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    An empty space possesses a chance of becoming by virtue of its receptive nature. The mechanism of communication is activated when we look at an empty vessel, not as a negative state, but in terms of its capability to be filled with something.

    — Kenya Hara

    With the exhibition "Kizen" I celebrated emptiness in the form of an object. A simple thing, a notebook, opens up a whole world of possibilities if looked at with the right state of mind. Kizen is an ancient japanese word that describes the latent possibilities that exist prior to an event taking place. Something that is universal to our life but more so can be felt when holding a white piece of paper in your hand. The owner of "Kizen" can look at it and meditate about its empty state, as well as take action and shape the artwork with one´s own creativity. What will happen, we won´t know until the very moment that is.

    The exhibition took at place at Spektakel and showed the object "Kizen", a limited edition notebook, hand-numbered and signed and an accompanying photo-installation.


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    Levitate is showing a circle of works that I´ve created over the period of about three years. It also marks the beginning of my meditation on books as a form of artistic expression. It was self published and I did most of the work on my own, besides some help of Max Edelberg who helped me polish the layout and decide on it´s final form. 

Levitate Tape


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    This mix supplements the release of my  book "Levitate". It reflects the mood that I fall into when I look at the photos within the book and can be used as complementing music when leafing through the pages.